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Troy Baker Was Almost in The Order 1886, But Sony Said He’d Been in Too Many Games

When it comes to Troy Baker, the running joke is that he pretty much plays a part in every video game. Interestingly, fans are not the only ones in on the joke. According to Baker himself, Sony Interactive Entertainment is too. The actor, known for roles such as Joel in The Last of Us and Delsin Rowe in InFamous: Second Son, almost landed a part in yet another PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order 1886. Developer Ready at Dawn wanted to cast Baker as Sir Galahad. However, Sony told the studio to find someone else instead. The publisher felt Baker had already starred in too many games, apparently.

This topic was broached during an E3 2019 Coliseum panel about Ready at Dawn’s new VR title, Lone Echo 2, in which Troy Baker plays a character. During the panel, studio Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya mentioned that Baker was “originally the very first voice for Galahad… when we did the test, actually.” Weerasuriya seemingly thought Baker became too busy at the time to commit to the project. Yet, that does not appear to be the case. As Baker noted on the panel, Sony kept him from taking the role of Sir Galahad, because he had already been in “too many games.”

Baker and Weerasuriya share the story of the actor’s history with The Order 1886 in the E3 Coliseum clip below:

Seed of Chucky’s Steve West, who recently narrated episodes of Netflix’s Roman Empire, went on to voice Sir Galahad, a choice Baker referred to as a “much better call.” Maybe we’ll get to hear Baker in a potential sequel to The Order 1886, though the likelihood of such a project being in developer seems minimal.

[Source: The Game Awards on Twitter via Push Square]