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Sony’s Renewal of The Order 1886 Trademark Probably Means Nothing But Fans Are Excited Anyway

Sony Interactive Entertainment has refiled a trademark application for Ready at Dawn’s The Order 1886, fueling all kinds of speculations online, but it probably doesn’t mean anything.

First spotted by Gematsu, the fresh application was filed on December 9th, but as pointed out by Twitter user JakeAGame in the replies, the original trademark expired on the 3rd of December, so we’re assuming Sony is simply hanging on to the title a little bit longer.

One can argue that Sony has something planned for The Order 1886 and hence it chose not to abandon the trademark, but again, companies often hang on to dormant properties so as much as I personally want a sequel (fingers crossed), it doesn’t look like anything is happening. Not anytime soon, anyway.

The Order 1886 was one of PlayStation 4’s highly-anticipated (then) “next-gen” releases, but the game’s length as well as its story were heavily criticized. Many saw it as a tech demo of sorts. Nevertheless, The Order 1886 garnered a cult following and fans continue to ask and hope for a sequel.

Whether we get a sequel or not remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely it’ll come from Ready at Dawn since the developer was acquired by Facebook for VR development back in 2020.

[Source: WIPO via Gematsu]