The Order 1886 Sequel

Sucker Punch Writer Recants ‘Confirmation’ of The Order: 1886 Sequel

Jordan Mychal Lemos, a Sucker Punch writer, jumped the gun when stating a sequel to The Order: 1886 was in development. Lemos was a guest on the Gamerheads Podcast, where he stated “everyone should play The Order 1886. Especially since, I guess they’re making a sequel. I don’t know if it’s The Order 1887; the last I heard, yeah, they were actually doing a second one.”

As expected, the community got wind of this. A six-page ResetEra thread and several outlets began discussing the “confirmation” of a The Order sequel, based on Lemos’ quote, but were later shot down after the writer recanted. Lemos issued the following clarification on Twitter.

It seems Lemos’ original statement on the podcast has been edited out, likely to avoid any more issues from the community. Although what he said was an off-hand remark, given his stature in the industry, it’s easy to see why some latched on to his original statement.

A sequel to The Order: 1886 has not been confirmed by developer Ready at Dawn or Sony in any way. In fact, as we reported earlier in 2019, the studio’s careers page had several open positions for a “new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP.” This doesn’t mean the developer doesn’t have multiple projects in the works, but until official confirmation is given, you might not want to hold your breath for a followup to The Order: 1886.

Even with the game’s fan base, it didn’t light the world on fire like Sony had hoped, despite the studio stating that The Order: 1886 was made with sequels in mind. Still, it’s something we’d absolutely love to see, so let’s hope Sony makes it happen.

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