Invite Your Friends to Take Part in the Frantic Farming of Harvest Moon: Mad Dash

The newest Harvest Moon game has officially been revealed, but it aims to make the normally tranquil experience a little more frantic than usual. Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will have you doing the trademark Harvest Moon tasks, but the action will be more fast-paced as you attempt to complete the numerous orders ahead of you. If that weren’t enough chaos for you, you can even bring you friends in on the action, as well!

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash may seem like your standard Harvest Moon game at first, as you harvest crops, go fishing, and milk your cows. However, you’ll soon learn that you will have to complete these tasks in short order, as your inquiries stack up as you progress through each level. Don’t expect the madness to let up anytime, though, as you’ll soon leave the farm for greener (and probably more dangerous) pastures. Because this game has evidently has no chill, among the locations where you’ll be doing farming activities in is the literal Underworld. If you weren’t worried about your crops getting hit with lava, you better be now.

If you want your Harvest Moon experience to be even more lively, however, there’s an added multiplayer component in Mad Dash. Stardew Valley multiplayer this is not; it actually looks to be similar to Overcooked. Players will have to work in tandem with their friends to get stuff done as quickly as possible.

The last Harvest Moon game was Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, which released on the PlayStation 4 in 2018. Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will be coming for you and your livestock in Fall 2019, though a release date has yet to be announced. It will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Will you be gathering your friends to do some farm work together? Mosey on into the comments and let us know!