Yakuza 6 Actor Dropped From Agency Due to Supposed Links to Organized Crime

Another scandal has hit a Yakuza series actor. Hiroyuki Miyasako, who portrays Tsuyoshi Nagumo in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, has been dropped by his agency after it was discovered he and ten other actors attended a party connected to organized crime. Related to this, media featuring Miyasako have begun to be removed from Japanese airwaves, though it’s unknown if Yakuza 6 itself will be impacted.

According to the Japan Times, Miyasako and the other comedians attended a party five years ago that was held by a group “involved in a money transfer fraud.” Reportedly, the group was unaware of this fact. Despite that, the eleven comedians were still dropped by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.

“Although [the comedians] were not aware it was a gathering hosted by an antisocial group, we still consider it a very serious matter that they accepted money from such a group,” a statement from the agency read.

Media featuring the comedians have already begun to be removed in Japan. However, it’s unknown what the status of Yakuza 6 will be. If this situation sounds familiar, this is a similar case to what happened with Judgment’s Pierre Taki. Once Taki was arrested on drug-related charges, Sega actually halted sales of Judgment while it changed the character’s model and actor.

Considering Yakuza 6 released in Japan back in 2016, Sega may not see it worthwhile to pull the game from shelves and put its resources towards changing it. Yakuza games have been slowly releasing on PC, so that could present an opportunity to update Yakuza 6, should it happen. However, it seems things are up in the air at the moment. Yakuza 6 has been a big success, surpassing 1 million units in sales and receiving positive reviews.

As for Judgment, the Yakuza spin-off has received positive reviews, as well. Our review called it a refreshing change of pace for the Yakuza series. In addition, a new Yakuza game, with a new protagonist, is currently in development.

[Source: Japan Times via VG24/7]