Rumor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Supposedly Have a Battle Royale Mode

We’ve only seen the slightest bit of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but some exciting rumors have begun to emerge. We haven’t seen any gameplay yet, but some reports have suggested there will be a battle royale mode.

This mode is supposedly being planned for launch, though there is a chance it could be delayed. However, it certainly seems as though Infinity Ward has ambitious plans for this mode, to say the least. It is reportedly being developed for 200 players, though it’s only been tested with 152 players. If that is indeed true, it would mean a much larger player count than its battle royale contemporaries. It’s also set to have a map that’s three times the size of the one currently found in Black Ops 4. Despite a more expansive map, it will also apparently feature a mix of both wide-open and close-quarters areas, giving the best of both worlds.

Speaking of the map, the closing ring will apparently be made up of poisonous gas. That would be in-line with the tone of Modern Warfare, which is set to be more gritty and realistic, for better or worse. It will also feature a revive system, though whether it will feature duos and quads is unconfirmed as of now. Finally, it will reportedly feature a tier-based weapons system.

Of course, a battle royale mode has yet to be formally announced. If it is indeed true, we could see it when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay is finally revealed. As for what is confirmed, we do know that in addition to traditional multiplayer, it will feature a campaign, which was absent from Black Ops 4. The Modern Warfare reboot will also feature the return of the Spec Ops mode

It’s also unknown what the future of Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, Blackout will be. Battle royale games have become known for their long-lasting nature, but having the next Call of Duty game feature a battle royale mode of its own may throw that into question.

 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release on October 25, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Would you want to see Infinity Ward’s take on battle royale? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]