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Partner Up for the Spec Ops Co-op Mode’s Return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Since its reveal in May, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare talk has primarily focused on the story campaign. It’s with good reason, too, as Infinity Ward aims to develop a narrative grounded in grit and realism. However, multiplayer must step into the spotlight at some point. While the studio isn’t delving into too many details just yet, the return of a fan-favorite mode has received confirmation. Spec Ops co-op mode will reappear in Modern Warfare.

Apparently, it’s not quite a “mode,” though. In fact, there won’t be any modes at all, since multiYouplayer will now be seen as a “unified” part of the overall Modern Warfare experience. Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki spoke about this briefly during the title’s E3 Coliseum panel.

The important thing for MP is that this is a unified experience. These are not modes, this is not a modal game. When you’re playing Modern Warfare you’re playing Modern Warfare, whether you’re playing SP, MP or co-op, you’re playing in the same world. So Spec-ops is coming back.

The full panel is featured in the video below. General talk of multiplayer is brief and begins at the 21:15 mark. Kurosaki’s Spec ops reveal starts at the 22:50 timestamp.

Traditionally, Spec Ops modes were used in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare sequels to allow players to revisit levels from the campaign or explore entirely new ones. Armed with a partner in Spec Ops, players were given fresh objectives to complete. Though cooperative play is how many fans remember Spec Ops, these missions could also be experienced solo.

For now, it’s unclear as to what Kurosaki meant by “these are not modes.” Perhaps Modern Warfare will allow players to experience the narrative via Spec Ops’ co-op options? Campaign Gameplay Director Jacob Minkoff previously noted that “the single-player storyline goes directly into the co-op storyline. No stop. The events just continue.” When more multiplayer-specific details will surface remains to be seen.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is due out later this year on October 25th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: E3 Coliseum via PC Gamer]