Prepare to Know Fear and Despair With Compile Heart’s Death End re;Quest 2

Death end re;Quest just released on the PlayStation 4 for Western audiences earlier this year. Yet, developer Compile Heart is already gearing up for a sequel with Death end re;Quest 2, according to previews for the impending issue of the Famitsu magazine. The title will first launch on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, though a release date has not yet been unveiled. In addition, there is currently no word on whether the sequel will come westward. However, the original’s February 2019 Western launch suggests there at least exists a possibility.

Death end re;Quest 2 will serve as an all new entry in the series, with all new characters as the stars. Apparently, Compile Heart believes this fresh narrative will “bring fear and despair to players.” Of course, how the studio intends to evoke such feelings remains to be seen. Fans familiar with the franchise’s first entry may know exactly what to expect, though.

Death end re Quest 2 revealed

For those who may have missed out on the original Death end re;Quest, there is no need to worry. It seems there may not be a direct narrative connection between the two. Therefore, players who enter the series with the sequel should not feel as though the pieces don’t fit because they skipped the first entry. In fact, according to Compile Heart, the experience should be “enjoyable even for those who didn’t play the first” game.

Corpse Party scribe Makoto Kedouin, who also contributed to the first Death end re;Quest, will write a scenario for Death end re;Quest 2. Kei Nanameda will handle the sequel’s character art. In the past, Nanameda has provided character designs for other Compile Heart titles, such as Mugen Souls and Trillion: God of Destruction.

Details beyond those listed above remain scarce. However, more information for Death end re;Quest 2 will reportedly emerge once the Famitsu magazine releases later in the week.

[Source: Famitsu via DualShockers]