Experience a FromSoftware Classic When Metal Wolf Chaos XD Finally Comes West in August

During E3 2018, Devolver Digital revealed plans to remaster FromSoftware’s Metal Wolf Chaos and bring it to Western audiences for the first time. Now, there’s word on when exactly Metal Wolf Chaos XD will launch. The title is slated to hit the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in a few weeks on August 6, 2019.

This news comes courtesy of a post on the Microsoft Store. The apparent leak hit just days after Devolver Digital hinted at a summer release for the game via a Twitter post and Steam page launch. On the store page, Metal Wolf Chaos XD is listed with an August 6th launch date and file size of approximately 9.48GB. Though this may look like as good a confirmation as any, it’s worth noting that, at the time of writing, Devolver Digital has yet to corroborate the Microsoft Store posting.

FromSoftware launched Metal Wolf Chaos in Japan in 2004 as an Xbox 360 exclusive. According to a couple of the studio’s developers, Takeuchi Masanori and Ogura Yasunori, the title was originally meant to release in the West. However, the plans were tossed aside due to the post-9/11 climate. Given, the game’s premise, this news didn’t come as too much of a surprise.

In Metal Wolf Chaos, players adopt the role of a United States President. Sounds innocuous enough, no? The trouble is the President’s piloting a mech suit, leading an army against the country’s Vice President and his rebellious military. Metal Wolf Chaos‘ Washington, D.C. setting likely serves as another reason there were concerns over its launching even years after 9/11.

With Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Devolver Digital will essentially present players with the same basic experience. However, superior visuals and a widescreen resolution will be added in. What fans should expect to specifically see remain the same is the game’s original voice acting.

[Source: Microsoft Store via DualShockers]