Cyberpunk 2077’s Cool Weapon Proficiency Feature Will Affect Animations

Apparently, as far as CD Projekt RED can tell, few members of the press picked up on a very interesting detail during Cyberpunk 2077‘s behind-closed-doors demo at E3 2019. Weapon proficiency is featured in the game; it even changes the character’s animations over time.

The studio unveiled a few brief details about weapon proficiency in a video posted to the title’s Twitter account. Senior Level Designer Miles Tost explained that using a weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 increases its proficiency. This increases accuracy, reloading speed, and possibly more. Additionally, these adjustments, incremental though they may be, will also affect the character’s animations. One example Tost provided is that reloading animations will become “smoother” over the course of the experience. Consequently, players will feel as though they’re constantly progressing.

Hear Tost briefly discuss Cyberpunk 2077’s weapon proficiency feature in the video linked below:

Because details about weapon proficiency remain so scarce, it seems hard to determine exactly how the feature will be implemented. Yet, it does sound similar to the way weapon proficiency works in the original Borderlands. In the Gearbox game, proficiency is a passive attribute that character’s gain whenever experience from a kill is tallied. Building up enough weapon proficiency results in level increases that eventually lead to bonuses. These bonuses can increase weapon damage, reload speed, stability, rate of fire, and more. It should be interesting to see how the same attribute in Cyberpunk 2077 compares.

Cyberpunk 2077 will hit stores for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One early next year on April 16, 2020. Preorders have already gone live for both the game and its very pricey Collector’s Edition.

[Source: Cyberpunk 2077 on Twitter]