Borderlands 3 Will Feature a Pinging System for Co-Op Play

It looks as if Gearbox is trying to make the multiplayer in Borderlands 3 the most robust in the series. At Guardian Con in Orlando, Florida, the developer detailed its latest addition to co-operative play: a brand new pinging system!

Much like pinging systems in other multiplayer games, perhaps most notably Apex Legends, this feature will allow players to mark certain objects in each level. Players will be able to ping enemies, chests, guns, and other points of interest. Pinging something will not only mark it off on the mini-map, but in the level itself, as well. Your character will also speak a “contextually relevant” voice line when an object is pinned, as well.

This will allow co-op partners to effectively communicate without needing to talk to one another. If you want to let your teammate know about some nice loot you find, you can ping them with no trouble. This new mechanic will help making playing Borderlands 3 with a friend even more streamlined.

This is only one of the overhauls being made to Borderlands 3 multiplayer. It will also feature level scaling so players don’t have to worry about being at close levels in order to play together. Both enemies and loot found in-game can be scaled to match a specific player, no matter the disparity in levels. In addition, loot will now be instanced, and each player will have their own specific loot stream. This means players won’t have to fight for loot when playing together. This feature can be turned off, however.

In between all of the drama surrounding Gearbox and, more specifically, Randy Pitchford, there is a lot for Borderlands fans to be excited about. The free Borderlands 2 DLC, which will set off the events of Borderlands 3 is only available for a short while longer.

You’ll be able to explore Pandora (and beyond) with your friends when Borderlands 3 launches on September 13, 2019.