A New Super Monkey Ball Game Has Been Rated in Taiwan

Are we getting a new Super Monkey Ball game? A new entry in the long-running series was recently rated by the Taiwan rating board. While Sega hasn’t commented on this discovery, it definitely indicates something from the series is on its way.

The title is roughly translated from Chinese to Now Taste Good! Super Monkey Ball, with its Japanese title being something to the extent of The Food is Great! Super Monkey Ball. This game would be for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The title indicates that there will be some sort of food theme, though to what extent is unknown.

Super Monkey Ball originally appeared in arcades before making its way to consoles. It was most prominent during the PlayStation 2 era, though now it can mostly be found on handheld and mobile devices. The last Super Monkey Ball game to appear on a Sony platform was Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz for the PlayStation Vita. This would be the first Super Monkey Ball game for a home console in almost ten years.

Sega hasn’t indicated that it was planning a new Super Monkey Ball game, suggesting we could get a “surprise” launch for this. In addition, it looks to be internally developed by Sega.

Super Monkey Ball is a series of platforming titles where you have to control a variety of simians in vibrantly-colored spheres. Unlike other platformers, however, you don’t guide the monkeys directly, but rather the environment around them. Hilarity and/or frustration often occurs.

While a rating doesn’t explicitly mean a game is coming, it definitely indicates we’ll see one pop up soon. What form this game will take is currently unknown, but we likely won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Would you want to see a new Super Monkey Ball game on the PlayStation 4? Let us know!

[Source: Marigold News & Reviews]