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Supermassive Already Has the Entire Dark Pictures Anthology Mapped Out

When The Dark Pictures Anthology was first announced, it was billed as a Twilight Zone-esque series of games. Each entry in the series would essentially be a standalone title, though they would share some thematic elements. Developer Supermassive Games certainly has ambitious plans for it, as it sees the series spanning eight titles overall.

CEO Pete Samuels detailed Supermassive’s grand plan in an interview with IGN. With regards to the overall arc of The Dark Pictures Anthology, he said, “We have an arc in mind that plays out over eight games.” As previously revealed, while the games in the series won’t be connected, there will share a link in The Curator.

The Curator, who oversees the events of each game, may have his own agenda. With Samuels describing his role as an “arc,” will he have a bigger role to play? In addition to being standalone entries, each game in The Dark Pictures Anthology is be designed with a different subgenre of horror in mind. Samuels does note that The Curator will be the only “consistency” among titles, meaning that one will not necessarily have to play all the games in the series.

With regards to the next entry in the series, Samuels said Supermassive wants to “surprise people” with where it goes. Every entry in the series will not only have different directors and actors, but completely different development teams. That means that all games likely will end up feeling different from one another. Samuels noted that individual games have already been mapped out—elements like genre, theme, and the like. With a goal to release two entries in the series a year, Supermassive definitely seems to be on top of things.

With that in mind, could we get another entry in 2019? We know Supermassive is already working on other entries right now, and the fall would be a perfect time to release a spooky game like The Dark Pictures. We’ll likely have to wait until Man of Medan, the first entry, releases, to find out.

While the games may differ thematically, they’ll all have the same gameplay mechanics, giving another common through line. We also just learned that each game in the anthology will feature multiplayer, giving players a chance to experience the horrors with a friend (or four).

We’ll get to see the beginnings of Supermassive’s plan when The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan releases on August 30, 2019. Be sure to read our hands-on preview to see what we thought of the upcoming creepshow.

[Source: IGN]