Survey Finds That 62% of UK Gamers Would Opt for Physical Products Over Cloud Gaming

A survey conducted by Broadband Genie in collaboration with Eurogamer in the UK has revealed that 62 percent of 3,165 respondents would prefer purchasing “tangible products” over cloud gaming and streaming services.

When asked for reasons why they would not be interested in platforms like Google Stadia in a multi-choice question, 75 percent of those surveyed selected performance and visual quality concerns as the reason, 62 percent said they preferred physical products, and 35 percent cited internet concerns.

Interestingly, a whopping 86 percent said that they would not be interested in purchasing games on a cloud platform if they cost the same as a regular digital download or physical copy.

“Everyone who completed our survey – both those who said they were and were not interested [in cloud gaming] – had similar concerns about Stadia,” wrote Broadband Genie. “While performance is the number one priority, the second most popular issue was the lack of a tangible product.”

Another interesting finding was players’ preferred pricing model. Unlike the model Google Stadia plans to offer, 74 percent of respondents said that they would prefer a Netflix-style subscription that grants them access to an entire library of games on a given platform for a set fee.

The survey reached the conclusion that despite cloud gaming not requiring expensive hardware, gamers are put off by the idea of not having full control over their gaming library like they do when it comes to discs.

“Add to this the expectation that gamers will be willing to pay the same price, and Google may find that Stadia struggles to gain much traction among players who already own a suitable console or PC, or who decide that they’d rather pay up front for the hardware,” wrote Broadband Genie.

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[Source: Broadband Genie via MCV]