Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Complete Will Include All of Its DLC When It Launches This Month

Ready for another venture into the world of Harvest Moon? The franchise’s most recent release is coming back with a whole host of content. Natsume has announced Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Complete, which will come to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch digitally and at retail on July 30th. This version of the game features Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition and all of its DLC. It’ll launch at a good price, too, costing $29.99.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition originally hit the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms in May 2018. Shortly after its release, the add-ons began rolling out. The post-launch content added a host of new characters, romance events, designs, decorations, and much more to the experience. All four of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition’s post-launch content packages will feature in the Complete edition. They include: Decorations & Tool Upgrade Pack, Divine Marriageable Characters Pack, New Marriageable Characters Pack, and Doc and Melanie’s Special Episodes.

As this is the console version, it has a special feature that wasn’t present in the PC release. Namely, Soleil is here. When you have someone else around, they can control them and use their abilities to help crops grow, take care of your animals, mine, forage, and cut down trees. Soliel will always be the opposite gender of your avatar and can eventually become a marriage candidate.

In this edition of Harvest Moon, players are washed ashore after their ship is hit by a storm. Drifting into a harbor town that’s also been heavily impacted by the disaster, players must help rebuild, while also working to ensure their own survival.

[Source: Natsume via Gematsu]