Blood and Truth Demo

A Blood and Truth Demo Will be Available Very Soon

SIE London’s PSVR exclusive, Blood and Truth released in May 2019 and many were pleased with how it turned out. Now, according to the PlayStation Blog, a demo for it will be released on July 18, 2019 to give players a chance to try it out for free.

Blood and Truth is a first-person shooter, very much in the vein of The London Heist level from PlayStation VR Worlds. Some even call Blood and Truth a spiritual successor to The London Heist, as it plays similarly and is developed by the same studio. Although, Blood and Truth is much more fleshed out, as it clocks in at around 5 hours of content.

In Blood and Truth, you assume the role of ex elite soldier, Ryan Marks, who is tasked with saving his family from a crime boss. In terms of gameplay, it’s somewhat on-rails, wherein you don’t have full control of your character’s movement. Much like DOOM VFR or Batman: Arkham VR, you can’t freely walk around like a traditional third or first-person action game.

The levels have a specified path laid out for you, and your method of locomotion is restricted to markers throughout the map, likely to reduce motion sickness when playing and to keep you on track. Even if that’s not for you, there is still a lot to love in Blood and Truth like the story, visuals, and performances. And now you can give it a try when the demo releases on the PlayStation Store.

It’s unclear what time the demo will go live, so keep checking the PSN throughout the day if you don’t see it there right away.

PSVR keeps trucking along and has amassed a great list of games. SIE London has even said it’s confident that Sony will continue supporting PSVR, so it’ll be fascinating what the platform looks like when the PS5 rolls around.

Have you gotten a chance to play Blood and Truth? Will you be trying out the demo? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]