Oculus ‘Would Love’ to Trade Exclusives with PSVR

While one could argue whether or not virtual reality gaming has truly blown up in the mainstream, there’s no denying there’s a bevy of great titles on the various VR platforms. Some of these titles are exclusives, with Sony’s PlayStation VR being home to games like Blood & Truth and Firewall Zero Hour. However, if Oculus executive (and Naughty Dog co-founder) Jason Rubin has his way, those games won’t necessarily stay exclusive to PSVR. And Oculus would be more than willing to give Sony its exclusive games in return.

Nothing is even close to official on that front, but the prospect is certainly an exciting one. When talking to Kotaku at E3 2019, Rubin discussed the potential for VR gaming to reach mass appeal. Part of that plan may involve an exclusive swap of sorts. “We’ve though about it,” Rubin noted on a potential Oculus/PSVR trade. “I would love to make a trade with Sony. You know they have great stuff that they funded, and we have great stuff we’ve funded.”

PSVR certainly has a deep well of exclusive titles. Games like Astro Bot Rescue MissionBlood & Truth, and Déraciné have all made a compelling reason to own a headset. And with Oculus rumored to be getting exclusive Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell games, not to mention games like Chronos on the platform, there may be motivation for Sony to take Rubin up on his hypothetical offer.

However, as we all know, Sony hasn’t always been the most willing to play with others. Though conversely, we have seen formerly-PlayStation-exclusive games hit other platforms, though those weren’t necessarily games Sony owned wholesale. With exclusives being a big selling point to buy a particular platform, it may not be in Sony’s best interest. Again, this is all hypothetical talk, so nothing is official.

In other PlayStation VR news, a new, wireless headset may be on its way, though that is unconfirmed, as well.

[Source: Kotaku]