Inti Creates Boss Thinks PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Have a Tough Time Competing Because Exclusivity Is Dying

Inti Creates president Takuya Aizu has said that Sony and Microsoft might have a “tough” time competing with their next-gen consoles because “exclusivity is dying” and they need something that sets them apart.

Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Aizu argued that most video games are now either multiplatform or they become multiplatform later on due to timed exclusivity. As a result, he thinks it’ll all come down to what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett can offer at launch.

Aizu added:

So when these companies put out new consoles I think one of the most important things for them is going to be how many exclusives they can have at their launch, because if they don’t have those then the chance that they’re going to have a failed launch is going to be pretty high I think. The other thing that will determine the new consoles’ fate is the precedent that Nintendo Switch set. It does something new that no system can or has done. So whatever these new systems are, they’re going to need to offer an experience that you can only have by owning it. I think that, especially with the precedent that Nintendo Switch has set, that uniqueness is more important than ever now.

Aizu is also of the view that Nintendo has a firm grip on the portable market and it’ll be hard for any other company to compete with it. “I think the only console that needs that portability to succeed is a potential Switch successor,” he continued.

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]