Sony Releases Another PlayStation Vita Firmware Update

Just because Sony’s done manufacturing PlayStation Vita systems, doesn’t mean it’s done working on the handheld. The system just got yet another firmware update, though this one appears to have an ulterior motive of sorts. The update, officially known as update 3.71, intends to combat an recent jailbreaking effort.

The exploit, known as “Trinity,” affects the Vita’s 3.70 software. The security flaw allows Vita uses to play homebrew games on the platform, which Sony likely isn’t too fond of. While the Vita’s recent firmware updates have been more focused on performance, this one appears to have the intention of stopping the exploit.

The PlayStation Vita, similarly to the PlayStation Portable, became infamous for its easy hacking potential. Sony, for its part, has consistently tried to stay ahead of these efforts by continually putting out patches intended to stop the hacking. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), Sony’s efforts are always thwarted.

While this fix has come out via a firmware update, many are attempting to opt out of updating their systems. Apparently, Reddit users have discovered a way to continue accessing PSN even without updating their systems, though that likely won’t last for long. A new exploit will probably be discovered for the 3.71 software, anyway.

Aside from the odd firmware update, Sony has essentially cut off all of its support for the PlayStation Vita. While companies like Limited Run Games continue to bring games to the handheld, Sony itself has ceased manufacturing any more units. The question is now whether firmware updates will continue to be pushed out, and if so, for how long. New exploits will more than likely be discovered in the future, so we’ll see when Sony officially decides to hang in the towel on the struggling handheld.

[Source: Reddit via VG24/7]