Here’s When the Black Desert PS4 Beta Will Begin

Pearl Abyss has announced when the the Black Desert beta will be held on the PlayStation 4. Beta testing will occur from August 9-13, 2019. Not only will the beta be open to all PS4 users, those who take part will also get some special rewards as a thank-you for joining.

More specifically, the beta will begin on August 9th at 12 am PDT, then will end on August 13th at 2 am PDT. All players will need to do to take part in the beta is download Black Desert from the PlayStation Store. For the beta, a PlayStation Plus subscription will not be required, meaning anyone with a good-enough internet connection can join the fun. Please note, however, that a subscription will be needed when the full game launches on August 22nd.

The beta will give adventurers the chance to explore the sprawling open-world map for themselves. Six classes (Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch, and Wizard) will be available, and a level cap of 50 will be in place. The Black Desert life skills will also be available, giving players plenty more to do than simply fighting. Of course, the famous Black Desert character creator will allow imaginations to run wild.

Unfortunately, player progress will not carry over to the full release. Per the official announcement, “Player data will reset at the end of the event.” While the work you accomplish during the period won’t be found in the game itself, there will still be plenty of time to wrap your head around this expansive world.

Taking part in the beta will also give Black Desert players an exclusive reward for when it officially launches. Those who sign up will be gifted with the Sky Hawk pet. It will allow players to “loot items, increase Knowledge Gain Chance, and find rare monsters.”

Black Desert is available to preorder right now. Three versions of the MMO will be available: Standard ($29.99), Deluxe ($49.99) and Ultimate ($99.99). Preordering will give 48 hours of early access, as well. Black Desert will release on the PlayStation 4 on August 22, 2019.