Fallout 76 Is Getting a New Four-Player Vault Raid and Nuclear Winter Map

Bethesda released an updated roadmap for Fallout 76 at QuakeCon 2019, which includes a new four-player vault raid, a new Nuclear Winter map, seasonal event, and more.

The seasonal Meat Week event will kick off on August 1, offering players a chance to earn legendary scrip and summer-themed items. On August 13, a new Nuclear Winter feature will award players with Overseer Tickets for duplicate perk cards, allowing them to unlock perks of their choosing.

On August 20, players will be able to display their loot in new display cases available for C.A.M.Ps. On the same day, the new raid set in Vault 94 will go live.

“Explore a new Vault and uncover Vault-tec’s experiment to see what happens when a society’s ideals become reality,” wrote Bethesda. “Earn unique social rewards and armor recipes with a legendary set bonus, and play a different mission in rotation each week.”

An overview of what’s coming in September is as follows:

  • Nuclear Winter new map and quality of life improvements
    • New storms are brewing over Appalachia! Return to face off with your fellow Dwellers in an all-new map.
  • Events system improvements
    • Updates based on community feedback to reclassify favorite multiplayer events as public events, featuring new performance-based reward rules, free fast travel to event locations, more informative event previews on the map, and more.
  • Legendary vendor sales
    • Save your scrip with new discounts and offerings from the Purveyor, with a unique deal offered through each weekend.

We’ll update our readers when the September content is dated.

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[Source: Bethesda]