2D Side-Scroller The Oriental Exorcist Will Have You Banishing Demons on PS4s

In 2020, PlayStation 4 and PC gamers will be treated to a new side-scrolling, action-RPG from Bilibili and Wildfire Game. An adventure called The Oriental Exorcist seems to have a lot going for it. The hand-painted art style is remarkably gorgeous, gameplay looks fun, and the monster variety certainly deserves kudos. At the time of writing, a specific 2020 launch date and pricing information is not publicly known.

Get a glimpse of what exactly The Oriental Exorcist will have on offer in the announcement trailer featured below:

The Oriental Exorcist’s official Steam page provides a complete rundown about the action-RPG. Set in a fictional fantasy world, this new title from Chinese studio Wildfire Game will see players adopt the role of an incredibly skilled exorcist. Fighting against demonic forces and battling monsters seems to rest at the heart of the overall experience. However, there does exist a story nestled within it as well, though such details remain under wraps.

As evidenced by the trailer above, the title’s animations are nothing short of stunning. According to the information offered in the Steam description, The Oriental Exorcist adopts the “hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation method.” As a result, this supposedly allows for a smooth combat experience. In addition, the game’s action-packed gameplay will be aided by a “Stamina setting,” meaning players will have to pay special attention to time and distance while engaged in combat encounters.

The emphasis on strategic combat and boss battles may put many in the mind of a Dark Souls entry. In the past, other 2D side-scrollers have ventured into similar territory. One of the more notable examples includes Salt and Sanctuary from SKA Studios. While not exactly in the same realm, Apotheon serves as another good example of a solid 2D action game with an emphasis on combat and boss fights.

[Source: Bilibili via Gematsu, Steam]