No Mans Sky Update

No Man’s Sky Patch 2.04 Improves Stability and Fixes Crashes

After the launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond, players were encountering issues impacting the game’s performance. Hello Games has released a hotfix addressing these issues, and it’s available in the form of patch 2.04 right now. Some players were reporting crashes on both the PS4 and Xbox One, which seem to have been addressed with this patch.

The patch notes are as follows:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a number of crashes on PS4 and Xbox One caused by rendering large textures.
  • Adjusted PS4 and Xbox One memory management settings to fix a number of crashes.

There isn’t a whole lot to dive into with the latest update, but it’s great to know Hello Games is staying on top of things to ensure the best experience for its community. Players are also encouraged to visit Zendesk to submit a ticket describing any issues so the developers can address them quickly. You can also use the PS4’s built-in console crash report system. Hello Games founder Sean Murray advised the community that hotfixes would be implemented often after the release of Beyond.

Beyond is one of the game’s most massive expansions, featuring dozens of updates, improvements, and the addition of VR compatibility. Many fans have been enjoying their time exploring the galaxy in this all-new immersive version of No Man’s Sky.

Looking ahead to the future, Murray revealed that Beyond would not be the last of the game’s expansions. He explained that there were a lot of ideas that didn’t make it into Beyond and that the team was already thinking of what to do next. We’ll have to wait to see what else is in store for No Man’s Sky. For now, you can enjoy No Man’s Sky’s latest free update Beyond.

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[Source: Hello Games]