Expect More No Man’s Sky Updates the Size of Beyond in the Future

Akin to other persistent games, developer Hello Games releases several small updates for No Man’s Sky between larger ones. The studio’s next major update, Beyond, will release soon, and it’s set to bring with it tons of new content. For instance, VR support is on the way, as is the expansion of the game’s online components. Might Beyond mark the title’s last big, named update? According to Creative Director Sean Murray, Hello Games doesn’t see such support ending anytime soon.

Murray relayed as much during a recent interview with Game Informer, in which new creature features were revealed. When asked if the studio considers Beyond the last major update for No Man’s Sky, Murray answered,

No, we don’t. Even though we’ve got a lot of things in Beyond, there’s also a lot of things that just didn’t make it that even now I can see we’re going to spend the next few months after release doing. We’re committed to doing a season (at least) of really regular updates, community events, and things like that. Because we’ve got whole new systems to make them more social, and do global community events where we send everyone to a certain planet to go and dig up fossils or whatever.

The Creative Director didn’t divulge anything specific about what failed to make the cut this time around. And it seems hard to guess at what else the team could have up its sleeve. VR support and online functionality are essentially Beyond’s headlining features. What else might Hello Games want to add down the line that could constitute such a major update? Information on this front likely won’t surface until the next major content update is ready to go live.

In the past, other titled updates have brought smaller, though similarly significant upgrades to the experience. For instance, October 2018’s The Abyss debuted new underwater exploration options in No Man’s Sky. It even expanded upon the game’s diversity of aquatic life and introduced story content in the form of “The Dreams of the Deep.”

No Man’s Sky’s Beyond update will launch across all platforms next week on August 14th.

[Source: Game Informer]