No Man’s Sky: Beyond Arrives August 14 and Will Debut PlayStation VR Support

Hello Games revealed No Man’s Sky‘s next major update, Beyond, this past March. At the time, release date information wasn’t divulged. From then on, speculation about a potential launch date popped up every so often, courtesy of ratings details. Thankfully, the guessing game can come to an end. Hello Games will unleash the Beyond update on August 14th. The best part? This new round of content will bring the debut of VR support.

According to Creative Director Sean Murray, Beyond essentially serves as three updates rolled into one massive release. The upcoming free update will introduce online functionality, allowing players to run into one another and embark on whatever adventure they choose. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Murray promises this won’t begin unfavorable monetization practices. For example, Hello Games does not consider No Man’s Sky MMO material, nor will the team implement microtransactions.

On the VR front, the technology’s newly added support will enhance the experience for owners of the device. PlayStation VR players will be able to enjoy every facet of the experience from their headset, including content implemented into No Man’s Sky in its pre-Beyond days. The VR functionality will also work for multiplayer.

To get a glimpse at what Beyond will bring to No Man’s Sky’s universe-spanning table, check out the update’s release date reveal trailer in the video linked below:

The game’s most recent titled update, The Abyss, launched late last year just in time for Halloween. It provided players with much more to explore in No Man’s Sky’s depths beneath the seas, including an expansion on the amount and diversity of aquatic life and “The Dreams of the Deep.” The latter addition consisted of story content that brought with it several hours of narrative-focused exploration for players to dive into.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]