No Man’s Sky’s Next Update Introduces No Man’s Sky Online

Sean Murray and Hello Games have announced the next major update for No Man’s Sky, and it looks to be a big one. Known as No Man’s Sky: Beyond, it will introduce a full online component to the long-running title. The update will be released in “chapters,” and will begin in Summer 2019.

A short, vague teaser was released, though it doesn’t go into much detail:

The first chapter will introduce No Man’s Sky Online, a completely new multiplayer experience. The new mode will allow “players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.” Despite being heavily online, No Man’s Sky Online isn’t considered an MMO. As the announcement itself notes, “it won’t require a subscription, won’t contain microtransactions, and will be free for all existing players.”

The update looks to be on the scale of No Man’s Sky: NEXT, which was billed as a relaunch of sorts for the long-struggling title. It introduced multiplayer to No Man’s Sky, though this builds upon that even more. The Beyond update will be released in three parts. Details are still pretty slim at this point, but we’ll get more information as we get closer to its launch. It was originally teased as a “small” update, though obviously this isn’t the case.

The life of No Man’s Sky has certainly been an interesting one. Despite a rocky launch in 2016, Hello Games has been hard at work supporting its game. It most recently launched “The Abyss,” and while it was a smaller update, it did add plenty of exciting features. No Man’s Sky Definitely looks to have an exciting future ahead of it.

[Source: Hello Games]