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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Sets November 2019 Release Date

CI Games has unveiled the launch date for the next entry in its Sniper Ghost Warrior. Expect to begin taking out enemies from afar on November 22, 2019 when Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts launches for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. To accompany the news, CI Games unleashed a brand-new trailer for the title. In it, fans are treated to a sneak peek at a new area and a series of fresh tactical tools.

Get a another look at Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts in action in the release date trailer below:

The new area featured in the above trailer shows a harbor set in a region referred to as Black Gold. This serves as the second of the title’s five regions, the first being the Siberian wilderness originally shown off in Contracts‘ initial gameplay trailer. In designing each of the game’s five different locations, CI Games took inspiration from real world locales in Siberia.

Black Gold, in particular, stands out due to the set up of its wide-open locale. Apparently, players may find Black Gold the perfect region in which to practice the new sniping mechanic for Contracts, the Dynamic Reticle System. The newly added sniping system will give players full control over every single shot, courtesy of the ability to manage weather conditions and ballistics.

For this upcoming release with Contracts, CI Games adopted a new approach for Sniper Ghost Warrior. CI Games effectively ditched the open-world route players of the previous title. This was done in favor of developing the five regions, all of which were made to feel like their own sandbox area. The new contracts system will give players more options and control over how they play, too, with total of 25 main contracts strewn across the story campaign. All of the above combined with new tactical gameplay mechanics is sure to take the series to a different level.

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