Blasphemous game announced

Team17 Announces ‘Punishing’ Action-Platformer Blasphemous

Publisher Team17 and developer The Game Kitchen have announced that the action-platformer Blasphemous will release on September 10, 2019. Players will play as a character only known as “The Penitent One.” The land of Cvstodia, along with everyone living within, has been cursed by something only known as “The Miracle.” The Penitent One is the lone survivor of the “Silent Sorrow” massacre, and as such, it is up to him to free this land from The Miracle curse.

Blasphemous is a horror story based upon a twisted religion gone practically all the way wrong. The Penitent One will have to unearth the many secrets of this religion and wield religious artifacts, such as relics, rosary beads, sword hearts, and prayers. The only way to beat this nightmarish hell is with the powers of heaven.

Team17 describes Blasphemous as a “punishing action-platformer,” complete with hack-n-slash combat and non-linear levels. Casuals and players who don’t enjoy a good thumping while playing and the challenges of frustration need not apply.

Check out the trailer below to see Blasphemous in all of its sidescrolling heretical glory. The retro-inspired graphics are also a nice touch.

You may remember Team17 from other published hits like The EscapistsWorms, and Yoku’s Island ExpressBlasphemous will be The Game Kitchen’s first foray into console development.

Blasphemous will release for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 10, 2019. Does Blasphemous appear to fill a need for the dark, twisted, and difficult (or frustrating, however you see your glass) platforming hole in your heart?