Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Alpha Pre-Load Available (Update: Alpha is Live Now)

Update: The alpha is live early! Hop in and start playing right now.

Original: Planning to take part in this weekend’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare alpha test? Don’t waste time downloading and installing when you could be playing instead. Pre-load for the alpha is live now. Exclusive to the PS4, you can download the 2v2 alpha today and get it ready for playing throughout the weekend. Visit the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2v2 alpha page on the PlayStation Store or search for Modern Warfare to get started.

The Modern Warfare 2v2 alpha will allow people to try out the new 2v2 Gunfight game mode on five different maps (two of which have never been publicly shown before), getting a feel for how this new Call of Duty plays and looks. A bigger beta is coming in September across two weekends, the latter being a cross-play test across consoles and PC.

For the alpha test this weekend, it’s first to six wins for each matchup. Gunfight pits you and a partner against another team of two in a pure trial of skill. You won’t get to play around with loadouts in the alpha. For Gunfight, loadouts are randomized each round and the same for all players to put everyone on an even playing field. Adapt and overcome.

The alpha will update throughout the weekend. Infinity Ward is planning on adding new maps, weapon sets, and even the Gunfight: OSP (On-Site Procurement) mode for players to try out. The maps used for Gunfight are smaller maps specifically designed for the 2v2 mode, and throughout the weekend will include Docks (new), King, Pine, Speedball (new), and Stack.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2v2 alpha officially kicks off at 10 am Pacific on August 23 and runs through August 25. Make sure to get preloaded now if you want to jump right in when the servers open up. PlayStation Plus is not required to participate in the alpha.

Want to participate in the beta when it comes around in September? Preorder Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now to get access.

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