One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Saitama Screenshot

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Makes Saitama Practically Unstoppable

After One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows was announced, many fans of the series wondered how a character like Saitama would work in an anime fighting game. Well, now we have our answer. A new trailer from Gamescom reveals that Saitama will show up to battle at the end of a timer.

If you’re unfamiliar with One Punch Man, the series follows a godlike hero named Saitama who ironically, nobody knows about. As the title implies, Saitama can defeat any and all evildoers in just one punch. After the game was announced, many fans were left wondering how a developer could possibly balance this character in a fighting game.

As opposed to a more conventional in-game timer, players will have to defeat one another before Saitama shows up to the battle. Once he does, the character’s basically an unstoppable monster. Players can probably expect to always have Saitama on their side in single-player battles, however it’s unclear how the character will work in online play if it’s included.

Players will be able to call on Saitama faster if they execute combo strings and perfect guards in battle. Perhaps, for online play, players will both have access to the character and his arrival for either competitor will be determined by the things they pull off in a fight. It’s definitely an interesting idea, but it may be all for naught if One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows ends up being just another standard anime-brawler.

On top of the Saitama mechanic, a handful of new characters were also revealed for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. Terrible Tornado, Silver Fang, and Atomic Samurai will all be playable in-game. One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody knows will feature three-on-three battles so more character announcements will likely come leading up to the game’s release. As of right now, there’s no concrete release date, but fans can probably expect it sometime in 2020.