No Man’s Sky Beyond Saw Over 2 Million Players Within One Week

The past week has been quite busy for Hello Games. After the release of No Man’s Sky Beyond, which implemented the much anticipated VR mode to the space exploration game, the studio has been hard at work adding daily updates to ensure player satisfaction. Since the Beyond update released on August 14, 2019, No Man’s Sky saw a surge in player count and reached over two million users in just one week. It’s an impressive feat for the indie studio.

In a development update from Hello Games, head of studio Sean Murray expressed his gratitude to the community and gave some insight on how the past week has gone for the team:

It’s hard to believe that No Man’s Sky Beyond launched only a week ago. It has been a super intense and exciting time for us, but seeing the community begin to explore the new features, watching people gathering together in the Space Anomaly, building intricate contraptions, and obviously milking alien creatures has meant a lot to us. Adding big ambitious things, to something already big and ambitious is never easy, but witnessing more than two million people play in the first seven days was so humbling and overwhelming.

In addition to the impressive player count, Hello Games also reminded everyone to continue to submit tickets in order to document issues that may need to be fixed. Over the past week, since the Beyond update, No Man’s Sky has received 13 patches focusing on fixing crashes, multiplayer matchmaking issues, and other problems. Hello Games assured the community that the patches would continue for the foreseeable future, even looking ahead to future updates that might mirror the size of the Beyond expansion.

General reception for No Man’s Sky Beyond has been positive, with many critics enjoying the update’s improvements and VR integration. A new SKU of No Man’s Sky will be released in physical format, with all six of the game’s major expansions and all new box art advertising the addition of PSVR. You can get your hands on a physical copy on September 10, 2019.

Have you gotten to try No Man’s Sky Beyond? What did you think of it? Let us know!

[Source: Hello Games]