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Strength of the Sword Ultimate Canceled for Vita, Already Available for PS4

The good news is that the Kickstarter-funded game Strength of the Sword Ultimate is out now for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! The bad news is that these are the only platforms the game will see. Strength of the Sword Ultimate has been canceled for the Vita (RIP Vita), Wii U, Mac, and Linux. Apparently updating from the Wii U to the Nintendo Switch is not an option either. Sorry Nintendo fans.

When the campaign originally launched, the team, which consists of only two people, joked that if they raised $100k they would make a port of the game for the Vita and Wii U. They didn’t believe it would ever happen, so they left this in as a joke stretch goal. Even though they did not raise $100k, they got pretty close at $88,093. And then they got swept up in the support to the point they made promises they could, in no way, keep. But they had hope they would, and they really wanted to.

“And the absolute worst part is- we were, HONESTLY, giddy with excitement and feeling invincible at that moment,” one of the developers, Ivent, explained on the Kickstarter updates page. “We started falling so far behind…running out of funds…lost our publisher due to the delays…personal and health issues started…stress mounted up to unbelievable levels…team relationships started deteriorating…depression mounted up…misery all around.

“But we pushed on. Thinking ‘we finish this, or we die’…but that ‘finishline’ kept moving further and further…and problems never seemed to end….to be honest…this project pretty much broke us as a team.”

Sadly, the team is so broke, they cannot issue refunds to those who wanted the canceled platform versions at this time. Ivent said that he will personally issue refunds to those who don’t want the game on the PC, PS4, or Xbox One, but only after (and if) he receives any revenue from the releases.

It’s a sad situation with the only winners being those who will receive the platform versions they want. Unfortunately, we have similar tales from Kickstarter campaigns far more often than anyone would like.

Strength of the Sword Ultimate is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC now.

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