Complete Your Witcher Cosplay With This Set of Foam Swords from Jinx

Have the perfect Geralt of Rivia costume and are just in need of a convincing set of swords? Jinx has it covered. The clothing and toys company teamed with CD Projekt RED to produce something very special; A set of foam swords based on Geralt’s silver and steel swords will soon go on sale.

This limited edition collectible set is currently available to preorder. Those who really want them should act fast, as preorders will close in a few days on September 5th.

Priced at $69.99, Jinx’s foam Witcher swords will begin shipping the week of December 2, 2019. The swords seem to be based on the weapons’ default design in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

CD Projekt RED announced the news on The Witcher’s official Twitter account, which also features a look at the products themselves:

The swords look very well crafted and highly detailed, with a “sturdy and safe foam construction,” according to the product description on Jinx’s website. Geralt’s steel sword, used on humans and other non-monsters, measures roughly 32 x 8.5 inches. The silver sword, primarily used against monsters, is a tad smaller, measuring approximately 30 x 8 inches.

For fans who want to add to their Witcher collection, but aren’t interested in foam weaponry, Jinx’s website is replete with other memorabilia based on the CD Projekt series. Jinx also sells The Witcher t-shirts, vinyl figures, caps, socks, belts, key chains, and much more.

Of course, Jinx isn’t the only place to get quality collectibles for The Witcher. In May, CD Projekt RED opened a webstore of its own to sell officially licensed products. Unfortunately, at present, the merchandise store still doesn’t ship to the United States.

[Source: Jinx via The Witcher on Twitter]