Ex-Team Ico Developer Fumito Ueda Is Looking for a Publisher for His Next Game

Fumito Ueda, most famously known for his work directing Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and most recently, The Last Guardian, has a new game in the works. Under his new studio genDesign, the director is leading the charge on a game that is currently in the prototyping stages. Even though development is coming along nicely, the studio is seeking a publisher to help move the project along.

Ueda said “The extensive prototyping period was worthwhile and we are making very good progress. I believe this project will showcase both unexpected and familiar elements in one.” It’s unclear if Ueda has a specific publisher in mind, but after the relatively poor sales of The Last Guardian, some are doubtful Sony would get involved with publishing again. Sony seems to have a clear vision for what it wants these days, so funding a game for years and years only to see it flop is likely something the company does not want to risk again.

At the moment, we don’t know what the new title is going to be, how it will play, or what the premise is; The whole project is shrouded in mystery. Although, if it’s anything like Ueda’s previous work, it could be a beautifully somber experience with a captivating visual style.

One interesting thing to note is that genDesign’s new game has been partially funded by Kowloon Night, a company with the goal of funding independent studios. Kowloon Night has helped genDesign’s project get off the ground and now that it’s reached a developmental milestone, it can be shown to publishers, with the plan of a possible partnership.

We’ll keep you updated with Ueda’s new game as more information becomes available.

What are you looking forward to with genDesign’s next game? Is there a publisher you’d like to see work with the studio to get the project finished? Let us know!

[Source: Polygon via MP1st]