Fumito Ueda and GenDESIGN Are Teasing Something

The Last GuardianICO, and Shadow of the Colossus director Fumito Ueda founded genDESIGN in 2014, and now they’re teasing something. To celebrate 2018, the company’s website now features a mysterious image that features some doves, a girl on an altar, and some sort of giant creature.

You can take a look at the full Fumito Ueda next game teaser image below (click to view at full size):

fumito ueda next game

For more on the latest game from Fumito Ueda, check out our The Last Guardian review. Here’s what Anthony Severino had to say about the PlayStation 4 exclusive:

When the journey comes to an end, you’ll find yourself in shock, emotionally-drained, and appreciative The Last Guardian stayed in development this long and still made it to release. The entire game’s pace is perfect. The difficulty and challenge is high, and completely reliant on how observant and explorative the player is. Every section of the game is stunningly gorgeous – a real work of art. The gameplay is pure perfection (aside for some clunky controls). The thematic use of the boy and the beast’s relationship and how it applies to the gameplay, the world, and the puzzles is nothing short of brilliance. The climax is a real tear-jerker, while not going for the obvious and providing a positive, heart-warming conclusion. If there were ever a game that was deserving of the word ‘perfect,’ The Last Guardian is it.

In an industry where every developer packs in as many new features, as many modes, options, and configurations, The Last Guardian has no upgrades, no leveling, no add-on map packs, no RPG elements – it is an almost solitary experience, between nothing more than a boy, a beast, and the big world around them, yet it outshines nearly everything else. Video games as a market might demand the Call of Duty’s of the world to move units and put a spotlight on the industry through hype and marketing buzz, but video games as a medium deserves The Last Guardian.

Let us know what you think of the artwork, and what you hope to see in Fumito Ueda’s next game!

[Source: ResetERA]