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Pizza Hut Posts Job Listing for a Professional Call of Duty Player

Are you a professional Call of Duty player? Do you like pizza? Then perhaps this unusual Pizza Hut job listing has your name on it, but only if you live in England or are willing to move in the name of pizza.

A Pizza Hut in Basildon, England is looking a Call of Duty player to fill their ranks. Specifically, they want “brilliant” Call of Duty Pro Players to take local clients. Clients for what, you ask? Well, this is where it gets just weirder.

Here’s what the ad said,

We want experienced and personable Call of Duty pro players who are happy to play on clients’ behalf to help them level up. The role could involve helping players to reach a certain rank and prestige level, unlock a particular item, or improve their kill-death ratio. If you are happy to communicate directly with clients and have availability in your schedule to take on more of them, then please get in touch.

It’s almost as if Pizza Hut is asking for a pro player to lease office space from them, but they’re the ones who will pay him? And possibly market his business for him? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for any Call of Duty gamer looking to make a buck.

As for the “pro player” status, will Pizza Hut demand proof? A statement of tournament winnings or proof of belonging to a pro team, perhaps? Or can anyone who’s just really stinking good at Call of Duty apply?

The job interview itself is incredibly intriguing. How does one interview for this position and how would the interviewee prepare for it?

Are you a local looking to apply? Would you apply for your local Pizza Hut? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Prima Games]