Bloodborne Willem boss fight

Master Willem Was Once a Boss Fight in Bloodborne (Updated)

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If you played Bloodborne, then you undoubtedly remember encountering Master Willem. He is the head of Byrgenwerth College, and when the player meets him, he’s practically dead. But he scrapes up enough energy to point the player toward the Moonside Lake, where they will fight Rom. Apparently, the player was supposed to fight Master Willem first, and perhaps beat him to the point where he is practically dead.

Modder and YouTuber Lance McDonald likes to dig into FromSoftware games, and has a history of finding cut content for his videos. He recently dove into Bloodborne, and lo and behold, he did find some cut content.

In McDonald’s latest video, he played the Bloodborne alpha to hunt for Fresh Livers, which were originally going to be rewards for defeating bosses. He found that one of the Livers was tied to Master Willem, who was most definitely not a boss in the final cut. McDonald next checked Willem’s character details in the in-game debug menu, which listed him under Team 23—Bloodborne enemies, not NPCs. In the final cut, Willem was in Team 26, the NPC team.

McDonald also learned that Willem originally had more dialogue. If the player picks a certain dialogue option, Willem will attack.

Check out the full cut boss fight below:

Bloodborne originally released in 2015. A Bloodborne Complete Edition is also available that includes the Old Hunters DLC.

This isn’t the first bit of cut content that dataminers have found in the game either. There are lots of unused assets and ideas that didn’t make the final cut. Would you want FromSoftware to create an uncut version of Bloodborne, complete with all of these deleted fights, items, scenes, etc? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: VG247]

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