Souls Saga Ranking

Demons Souls to Sekiro: Ranking the Souls Saga From Worst to Best

Six games, a new “genre” created, a substantial number of influenced titles that were quite good—Ni-Oh, Salt & Sanctuaryand some mediocre ripoffs—Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption. Ten years ago, FromSoftware created a phenomenon that still gives unique experiences and generates hype for new titles (is Elden Ring out? No? What about now?). The Souls Saga went from being “niche” video games to well-known titles in the industry, creating a “culture” in the process—full of memes, elitism, toxicity, difficulty/adaptation discussions and how can we forget: “git gud.” Before we even know how its seventh entry plays, it’s time to sit down and decide which installment is the Dung Pie and which one is the Moonlight Greatsword.

Here are all six games in the Souls Saga ranked, from the very first Demons Souls, all the way to Sekiro, an honorary entry that doesn’t actually hold the name “Souls,” but is soaked in that special FromSoftware Souls style. Each game has its own special charms and pitfalls, stories and gameplay. All of them are good, but which game is really the best?

You Died (A Lot) – Ranking the Souls Saga

While I’ve considered “objective” reasons and arguments for this ranking, this is still a quite personal and subjective selection. The thing is, the Souls Saga is probably my favorite saga of video games since last generation. It’s also the one I put more hours into, too. (I have every platinum —except the one from Sekiro, I still need to come back to it). There’s love and blindness here, and that’s the idea. Of course, you can still leave your rankings in the comment section, just keep it civil! These games mean different things to everyone, and each person may find their preferred order to be just a little bit different. How did yours stack up?