Reportedly, Elden Ring Will Receive a Behind-Closed-Doors Demo at Gamescom 2019

FromSoftware’s collaborative project with fantasy writer George R.R. Martin could be further along than some may believe. Reportedly, publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment will host a demonstration of Elden Ring behind closed doors at gamescom 2019 for the press. Since Bandai Namco has yet to disclose anything about its gamescom plans, the veracity of this claim is not yet clear.

This information comes via the Russian game publication Igromania, which reported that Bandai Namco will show Elden Ring to the press. In addition, the publication stated the publisher will feature nine playable titles on gamescom’s show floor, including The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, Code Vein, and the recently unveiled One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

The Igromania report also seems to suggest the press will be allowed to share impressions with the public via previews and the like. Such information remains nebulous, though, due to Bandai Namco’s silence on the matter, and the Igromania article being translated from Russian to English via Google Translate. Hopefully, all of this and more will receive concrete details in the near future, especially since the gamescom event in Cologne, Germany starts in just a few weeks on August 20th.

For weeks, Elden Ring was little more than a rumored mystery project reportedly being developed by FromSoftware in conjunction with George R.R. Martin. The title finally received an official announcement during E3 2019, though little more than brief teaser trailer was shown. Since then, more information about the newest FromSoftware game has surfaced online. For instance, Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed Martin crafted the lore embedded within the fantasy world of Elden Ring. Additionally, Miyazaki noted the title will place heavy emphasis on RPG mechanics and a storytelling style reminiscent of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls franchise.

At present, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring lacks an official release date.

[Source: Igromania via ResetEra]