George R.R. Martin Is Supposedly Working With FromSoftware on a Secret Project

Game of Thrones may have ended, but don’t worry about George R.R. Martin; he’s got plenty on his plate to keep him busy for years to come. One such project hasn’t been mentioned before, but has been heavily rumored. The iconic author has been working with a Japanese development studio on an upcoming project, though there were no details outside of that. While he didn’t reveal what studio it was, there have been rumors that he put work in on a secret project from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware.

The tidbit (and I mean that literally) came from a blog post following the series finale of Game of Thrones. Reaffirming that he apparently never sleeps, Martin listed off all of this current projects, including eight television shows across various networks, a few in-development film projects, and the Meow Wolf art collective. He’s also got a little book called The Winds of Winter (not to mention A Dream of Spring) in the works. However, he mentioned that he “consulted on a video game outside of Japan,” but that’s all he mentioned on the topic.

While this is his first confirmation of the project, it’s been heavily rumored for some time. Back in March, rumors began to emerge that Martin was involved with an in-development FromSoftware project. A Gematsu source affirmed those reports, saying the unannounced title features an open-world map and has been in development for three years. FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki would once again be involved with the project, though wether he would be directing or not is unknown. This project will also supposedly reunite FromSoftware with Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment.

While the original reports cited Martin as one of the project’s lead writers, him wording his role as a consultant puts that into question. Of course, he could just be underselling his role before a proper reveal. Rumors point to this title being announced at E3 2019, though until then, make sure to add the usual grain of salt to this information. FromSoftware recently released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which launched to rave reviews and commercial success.

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[Source: George R.R. Martin via Gematsu]