You Can Start Taking Advantage of GameStop’s No Fee Layaway Program Now

GameStop‘s annual layaway program, which typically launches in the lead up to the holiday season, has returned. The company’s no fee program will last this year until December 11th. Consumers interested in layaway can begin taking advantage of it right now.

Similar to layaway programs at other retail stores, shoppers will be required to put down a deposit. For GameStop’s layaway offerings, the deposit is a $25 minimum upon signing up. From there on, costumers won’t be saddled with any further fees; penalties are also not an issue. If a costumer so chooses, refunds are available at any time.

In a press release announcing the no fee layaway program’s return, GameStop outlined a number of reasons as to why gamers should consider making use of it this holiday season. One of the key reasons includes there being no hidden fees. The company’s “buy now, pay later” approach is straight forward and involves no financial risk on the part of the costumer.

Refundable deposits are additionally worth taking into consideration, as this is a rarity amongst other retailers. There are also no interest charges associated with the GameStop program. Finally, signing on for the program seems rather easy. Participants must be at least 18 years old, which must be proven with identification when making the $25 down payment. And, yes, trades are considered an acceptable form of payment.

Details about the no fee layaway program are already listed on the retailer’s website. There are already a few items suggested on the program’s specific webpage, including new and pre-owned devices like the PlayStat 4 Pro, PlayStation VR bundle, HTC Vive VR system, Nintendo Switch, and more.

GameStop has had a rough go of it of late. Most recently, the company laid off well over 100 of its corporate employees. Staff at Game Informer were hit especially hard by the lay offs, as well.

[Source: GameStop via Globe Newswire]