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Here’s What One of GameStop’s New Store Redesigns Looks Like

Note: The header image is not indicative of the new store redesign.

Footage of the new GameStop store redesign initiative has been revealed, showing us what some of the stores will start to look like with the implementation of playable systems (including retro consoles on CRT TVs), chairs and couches, and snacks for players to hang out and spend some time. The video, posted by a GameStop representative in Pryor, Oklahoma, gave a tour of the new store layout and the result is a much more clean, streamlined look with spaces for people to gather and play games. The company’s reboot initiative is well underway, following the news that up to 200 GameStop locations would be closing in 2019.

You can check out the footage on the local store’s Facebook page.

One of the biggest changes is the store’s color scheme, with the departure of huge colorful posters and banners. Instead, the store has a much more muted color scheme, with gray floors and beige walls and counters. It’s a lot easier on the eyes, compared to the old look. And most importantly, the footage shows a lounge area with chairs, several TVs, and retro systems hooked up to them for customers to play. Older systems like the original Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube can be seen, among others.

Note that IGN sources say this is one of a few different redesigns that will focus on retro gaming (like this one), esports, and a more traditional store design like the GameStops you might be used to. All of the stores will utilize the touchscreen system to allow customers to browse the full GameStop catalog online.

The new initiative is a long publicized attempt to turn things around for the company as profits have been on a steady decline for quite some time. With the increase in digital video game sales and online retailers like Amazon, the market for physical game stores isn’t what it used to be and retailers like GameStop have felt the effects of the industry shift.

With the release of the new consoles in 2020 (confirmed for Xbox, presumed for PlayStation), it will be interesting to see how GameStop will be affected. The release of new systems could be just the surge in business that GameStop needs to jump start this new community and event-focused initiative.

What do you make of the GameStop redesign? Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: Facebook via IGN]