Go on Bender With Satan Once Afterparty Arrives in Late October

You can add yet another new title to your list of games for this Halloween season. Afterparty, the latest project from Night School Studio (Oxenfree), will launch next month on October 29th for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Night School Studio announced the news on its Twitter account to the joy of many a fan.

Afterparty’s initial unveiling hit the web in late 2017, thanks to an IGN First premiere. Similar to Oxenfree before it, Afterparty will take players on quite the wild adventure. However, this time, Night School Studio fans should anticipate a trip through Hell. Literally.

The game will put players in the role of two friends, Milo and Lola, both of whom are deceased. Ultimately, the duo has been damned to Hell. Yet, there is one way they can escape the clutches of Pandemonium, and make their way back to Earth. Milo and Lola will have to impress Satan by outdrinking him. Should they defeat the Fallen Angel, he’ll see that they both return to the land of the living.

Satan will not be the first challenge that Milo and Lola face. During their night at a hellish pub, the duo must mingle with demons and other souls of the damned, all while managing to impress “Satan’s Monarchs.” How does one go about impressing Satan’s right-hand demons? Beer pong, of course. Or dance-offs. Maybe a bit of both and then some. Once the two friends get in good with the Devil’s underlings, they’ll be ready for the big leagues.

A complex conversation system rests at the center of the Afterparty experience. Every decision made within it will affect the course of the relationships players build throughout the game. This counts for the overarching narrative, too. But Milo and Lola aren’t the only ones subject to undergo change based upon player-choice. Hell and its many inhabitants will also succumb to the weight of whatever choices the player makes.

[Source: Night School Studio via Gematsu]