Stardew valley PS4 multiplayer update

Multiplayer Finally Makes Its Way to Stardew Valley on PS4

Multiplayer has finally made its way to Stardew Valley in update 1.3 on PS4. Xbox One players will have to wait a little while longer, as the update failed certification on that platform (again). Thankfully, update 1.3 is live on PS4 and it introduces a host of new features like various language options, a slew of bug fixes, and a lot more, including that aforementioned multiplayer addition.

You can check out a tweet from Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe below:

Here’s the full breakdown of patch notes for Stardew Valley’s PS4 update:

Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes

New content

• Added French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, and Turkish language support

• Added multiplayer. This includes chat with custom emotes, and new Cabin buildings.

• Added Night Market event.

• Added Community Upgrade to Carpenter’s Shop.

• Added buildable shipping bins to Carpenter’s Shop.

• Added Abigail encounter at level 20 in the mines.

• Added new heart events for Jas, Linus, Pam, Vincent, and Willy.

• Added new heart events when player has given a bouquet to all bachelors or bachelorettes.

• Added rare treasure chest rooms in Skull Cavern.

• Added new monsters in the Skull Cavern: Carbon Ghost, Iridium Bat, and Iridium Crab.

• Added Secret Notes and related quests.

• Added new items: Auto-Grabber, Cactus Seeds, Garden Pot, Wood Sign and Stone Sign, Solid Gold Lewis statue, Pearl, Wedding Ring, new paintings, and decorative items sold at shops and festivals throughout the year.

• Added Bear’s Knowledge, Special Charm, Spring Onion Mastery.

• Added Statue Of Uncertainty to change professions.

• Added different stationery for letters from Sandy and the Wizard.

• Added horse hats.

• Added a new Credits menu to replace the “About” menu on the title screen, and removed the /credits chat command.

Balance changes

• Increased purchase price of wood, stone, ores, and coal in the year 2+. The gold received for selling them is unchanged.

• Reduced price of Tub o’ Flowers from 1000g to 250g, and recipe from 2000g to 1000g.

• Breaking small tree stumps now provides +1 foraging XP.

• Once the player reaches the mine bottom…

• prismatic shards and diamonds may rarely drop from any monster;

• gems and purple mushrooms may be found when searching trash bins;

• gems and purple mushrooms may be requested in NPC quests;

• some monsters will be stronger.

Other changes

• Once the player reaches the mine bottom, the Dwarf will attend weddings.

• Golden Pumpkin is now a universal love (instead of universal hate).

• Tweaked several seed packet sprites.

• Tweaked Mr. Qi dialogue portrait.

• You can now add Mayor Lewis’ shorts to the Luau soup.

• You can now put Fire Quartz in the Furnace to produce Refined Quartz.

• You can now refill a Watering Can at the kitchen sink.

• Fireplaces are now furniture, so you can move them around and buy different fireplaces.

• Fruit Trees cannot be planted on top of decorations in the Greenhouse border, or in the corners of the Greenhouse.

• Improved Chinese translations.

• Improved some item descriptions.

• Improved performance in locations with lots of light sources (e.g. torches).

• Improved performance on farms with lots of animals

Bug fixes

• Fixed item spawn codes allowed in character names.

• Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP.

• Fixed bee houses always giving wild honey when used on custom farms.

• Fixed seeds planted out of season disappearing.

• Fixed player collapse being cancelled when they open the journal.

• Fixed animal mood & happiness bugs.

• Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit.

• Fixed furniture being usable to complete bundles.

• Fixed some recipes allowing Milk, but not Large Milk.

• Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay.

• Fixed staircase being spawned on mine level 120 when a placed object is destroyed.

• Several grammar/spelling fixes.

• Fixed Wheat Seeds and Bok Choy Seeds descriptions in Brazilian-Portugese.

• Fixed spring sign on bathhouse in Chinese.

• Fixed save files potentially getting overwritten if you start a new file after using exit to title.

• Fixed bug preventing buildings from being placed where there would be a path/flooring tile in front of the door.

• Fixed music not playing at the Luau festival and in town.

• Fixed clients occasionally crashing in rainy weather.

• Fixed the load menu showing ‘no saved games’ while searching for files.

• Fixed crash that occurred if you collided with a monster on the first frame you entered a new location.

• Fixed furniture rotation graphical glitch.

• Fixed a German localisation issue with ‘%Farm’ appearing in text instead of the farm’s name.

• Fixed slimes not pouncing correctly.

• Fixed an audio-related crash often caused when using bombs.

• Fixed Junimos dropping crops on the floor instead of collecting them.

• Fixed NPCs walking through the saloon doors.

• Fixed eye color being reset to brown after reloading.

• Fixed inability to use rod / slingshot in festival minigames.

• Fixed the title menu back button being hidden behind submenus.

• Fixed inability to move after receiving a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.

• Fixed crash when saving after the game adds Lewis’s shorts to Marnie’s house.

• Fixed crash viewing the map when another player is in certain events.

• Fixed “double sound” when using singing stone.

• Fixed a Geneva Convention violation (by replacing red crosses in graphics).

• Fixed the potential for overnight events to cancel or skip a wedding event.

• Fixed the inability to place donated items on the bottom two rows of the museum.

• Fixed farmhands being unable to pick up items they dropped in festivals.

• Fixed Pam’s upgraded house interior event not happening.

• Fixed softlock caused by mistaken ability to use daggers during events.

• Fixed softlock when you play the Journey of the Prairie King past 2am.

• Fixed duplicate songs in the jukebox.

• Fixed bug where music doesn’t correctly play in the morning.

• Fixed bug where giving a gift to an NPC caused the gift action to happen twice in rapid succession.

• Fixed furniture rotation bug for “stools”.

• Fixed Junimos not disappearing after the final goodbye.

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