Hidetaka Miyazaki Says Bloodborne Was His Favorite Game to Create, Reveals What He’d Like to Improve

FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki has said that Bloodborne was his favorite game to work on, and has revealed what aspects of the game he felt could have been improved.

Speaking to GameSpot Brazil (translation via ResetEra), Miyazaki likened his games to children when asked which one he enjoyed creating the most, but added that Bloodborne holds a special place in his heart.

“This is a very hard question, and, comparatively, it’s like you had three or four children and someone asked ‘which one is prettier?'” he jokingly replied. “I’m gonna answer ‘all of them.’ But if I were to say which one stayed in my heart the most, it’s Bloodborne. It’s the one that marked me the most. I believe I did it my way, the way I wanted.”

When asked if there was anything he’d have liked to change in Bloodborne or improve upon, Miyazaki said that he doesn’t like to think about that aspect too much after a game has already been shipped but he thinks the Chalice Dungeons and Blood Gems could have been more detailed.

Speaking of his inspirations, Miyazaki said that Bloodborne was influenced by Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu and the film Brotherhood of the Wolf, among others.

As far as a sequel is concerned, Miyazaki has already said the decision to make Bloodborne 2 isn’t up to him but didn’t say who would be responsible for making that call. Considering the game’s PlayStation exclusivity, it’s highly likely that Bloodborne 2 requires the greenlight from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Here’s hoping we get a sequel.

[Source: GameSpot Brazil via ResetEra]