Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie Just Barely Makes UK Sales Chart

Last week’s video game sales chart is in from the UK, and it doesn’t tell an inspiring story where PlayStation 4 exclusive Concrete Genie is concerned. Being a family-friendly game that places its focus upon painting and creativity, the potential audience was always going to be limited, but just scraping into the top 40 at number 35 may still come as a disappointment to creators Pixelopus and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

If you’ve read the PlayStation LifeStyle review for Concrete Genie you’ll know that it comes thoroughly recommended, but seemingly its niche appeal is still holding it back. The current chart is mostly comprised of the usual suspects—sports behemoth FIFA 20 retaining its top spot for the third straight week, while Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint remains hot on its heels—with Pixelopus’ latest being the only new entry besides Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. The latter game ranked ahead of Concrete Genie, but only by four places with a conservative debut at number 31.

It’s important to remember that the chart tracks multiplatform data, however, which means that every version of the Yooka-Laylee sequel (PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch) combined contributed to its final positioning. Conversely, Concrete Genie is only available on the PlayStation 4 platform.

Considering that the game even features optional PSVR support, it’s unfortunate to see that a wider audience hasn’t embraced this creative risk from Sony. A lacking sales performance may even be behind the recent announcement that no future DLC is currently planned, as it presumably wouldn’t be worth the investment if an established Concrete Genie player base isn’t there to play or purchase said content. That’s pure speculation for now though, as no official reason for the decision has yet been cited.

Concrete Genie is available on PS4, featuring optional PlayStation VR support, right now and for $29.99.

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