Show Me the Eridium Borderlands 3 Event Kicks Off Today

Week three of the Borderlands series’ tenth-anniversary celebration event is set to begin “by or before” 7 pm ET today, offering players another chance to claim exciting in-game bonuses. This time around, the Show Me the Eridium Borderlands 3 event will reward players with Eridium for engaging in combat and reduce the cost of purchases.

The anniversary celebration began at the start of October 2019 and has been ongoing ever since, with the past couple of weeks having boasted increased boss loot drops and rare enemy spawn frequency. In week three, the rarest form of in-game currency will drop from defeated standard enemies, payouts when playing in Mayhem Mode will be further increased, Moxxi’s Vault Line slot machine will cost less Eridium to use, and Crazy Earl purchases will have their prices slashed.

Crazy Earl is the only Borderlands 3 vendor that deals in Eridium and can be located at his hideout in the Cargo Bay of Sanctuary III. There, he sells unique cosmetics and Anointed weapons, both of which are highly desirable due to the rarity of the element he seeks as payment. 

Eridium’s rarity outside of this week, that is, with the period of October 15 to October 22 helping make players positively rich in the purple element. You will need to do a little preparation work if you haven’t gotten your hands on the Eridium Resonator yet, however, as you’ll require this artifact to break Eridium deposits and collect the desired shards. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t got it, as all that’s required is progressing through the main story until the Eridium Resonator is granted through natural progression.

Following the conclusion of this week’s Show Me the Eridium event, Borderlands 3 will immediately transition into the penultimate celebration. Hints as to the contents of the remaining events can be found below:

  • Week 4 (October 22-29): Mayhem on Twitch
  • Week 5 (October 29 – November 4): Spooky Surprise