Wargroove Double Trouble Expansion Adds a New Campaign for Free

Developer Chucklefish released a bunch of details on the expansion they’ve been working on for Wargroove. The new campaign, titled Double Trouble, will be arriving to PlayStation 4 soon. Best of all? It’s completely free.

Wargroove: Double Trouble will follow the tale of outlaw chief Wulfar and his twin children Errol and Orla. While there aren’t too many details on the story itself yet, Chucklefish did note it would involve “an unexpected kidnapping” and “the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen.” They did note that the new campaign is entirely co-op and, while you can play it solo, you can also play the campaign using either local or online co-op.

In addition, three new commanders will be added to the game. We’ve already gotten details on Wulfar, but now we also got to learn about his kids Errol and Orla. The two will actually play as a single unit, assisting each other in battle. Because they are technically two people, each kid has their own special groove ability, though they have to share a meter. Errol’s ability, Cooling Water, will create a large field that shrinks every turn, but heals all units within for 20% of their max HP. Orla, on the other hand, has Scorching Fire, which starts on a single square and slowly grows in size. Any unit that starts their turn in this field is instantly killed. These two should certainly provide some interesting tactical options for players. While there are no details on her yet, Chucklefish also revealed the third commander, an angry looking lady with a whip named Vespair. More details have been promised on her soon.

Not only are there new commanders but Double Trouble will be adding a pair of new units to the game as well. One, the thief, can’t attack anyone but if you can get them next to an enemy controlled city they can steal some gold, and then bring it back home to you, serving as an extra source of income. The other is the rifleman, who can attack over an extremely long range but has to manage ammo as they do so.

The other biggest addition coming with Double Trouble will be with the map editor. Several new features are being added to it, such as gizmos like switches or chests that can be set to on/off states. You can also now modify unit stats, or tell events to happen at metalocations such as “last death” or “last unit moved.” Additionally, there’s an all new volcano biome, letting you build lava rivers and, well… volcanos. It should give you more tools to make the map you really want.