Wargroove Will Be Getting a New Commander Named Wulfar as Free DLC ‘Very Soon’

Get ready for some more Wargroove. The turn-based tactics game will be getting free DLC in the near future. A new Commander known as Wulfar the Outlaw Chief will be added, giving players a colossal character with a massive stone hammer to use against their enemies. Wulfar is very deadly with his weapon of choice, which he swings like a golf club. In fact, he can launch enemies into the ocean with one swing of his hammer. “FORE!”

Developer Chucklefish did not specify when this free add-on would be implemented, except to say that it will be available “very soon.” But that’s not all included with the upcoming DLC. The developer noted that it will be showing off new Wargroove content at EGX 2019, giving attendees a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Wargroove is the closest thing to Advance Wars we’ve gotten in a while, giving players a meaningful campaign to play through with a vibrant cast of characters. In addition, the game features an incredibly robust map editor, wherein players can make their own campaigns. Some players have painstakingly recreated sections from various Advance Wars games, among other interestingly designed levels. Since Intelligent Systems and Nintendo seem to have forgotten about the Advance Wars series, Wargroove is the next best thing – and in some ways it’s even better.

We’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the DLC will entail. For now, you can explore the countless levels found in the map editor, along with the wonderfully crafted campaign. What did you think of Wargroove? Are you pumped for the new Commander? Let us know!

[Source: Chucklefish]