The Wait for Wargroove’s PlayStation 4 Release Date Reveal is ‘Nearly Over’

Chucklefish’s turn-based tactical game Wargroove hit the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One earlier in the year. However, details about a PlayStation 4 release date never emerged. Finally, after months of waiting, PS4 users have received an update courtesy of the developer’s blog. According to the post, the wait is nearly at an end. In fact, the PS4 version of Wargroove is currently in the last stages of CERT, meaning, if all goes well, the game will soon receive approval from the platform holder. Once the CERT process concludes, Chucklefish will be free to announce a release date. Such an announcement could come “very soon.”

The developer’s blog post also explained what’s taken so long, kind of. As expected, there are number of things the studio simply cannot talk about. Yet, the team did briefly mention having technical issues with regards to Wargroove’s multiplayer functionality and content sharing on the PS4. For one, Chucklefish wanted to ensure parity across every version of the game. As such, the PS4 iteration should play no differently than the versions on other platforms.

Unfortunately, there is one aspect of Wargroove that PS4 players will not get to experience—cross-platform play. Presumably, this counts as one of the myriad topics NDAs and such bar the studio from divulging publicly. There is still fun to be had with Wargroove’s multiplayer functionality, though. For example, players can “download community-made map designs and content share between platforms, including PS4.”

Chucklefish is best known for Stardew Valley, the farming simulator that took the world by storm and never quite eased up on its hold. Clearly, Wargroove offers a completely disparate experience. In the turn-based tactics title, players command an army, take to the battlefield in single-player campaigns and online, and engage in a multitude of other shenanigans that farming simply can’t provide.

[Source: Chucklefish Dev Blog via DualShockers]